[arch-general] outdated mediainfo and libmediainfo packages

George Rawlinson grawlinson at archlinux.org
Sun Dec 5 06:40:38 UTC 2021

On 21-12-04 10:17, TG Servers via arch-general wrote:
> Hello,
> is there any particular reason why these 2 packages are outdated since
> several months, or were they just not maintained?
> I am asking because I would need some of the newer functionality and would
> compile them from source otherwise.
> But only if there are no known problems with them. The compiles from
> upstream 21.09 work without any issues and I can't see of any problems, but
> always better to just confirm
> Thanks

I knew these packages sounded familiar! I was the last packager, but
have not added them to my version watch-list.

I'll have a look at them at some point this week.

George Rawlinson
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