[arch-general] Replicating a package set on a new machine

René Neumann lists at necoro.eu
Sun Dec 5 21:36:53 UTC 2021

To generate the list, I'd propose:

pacman -Qeq > list.txt

-e : only explicitly installed packages (deps get installed anyways...)
-q : output better suited for scripts

And on the other machine, just do the obvious:

pacman -S - < list.txt

(Note the single '-', specifiying to read the list of packages from stdin).

- René

Am 05.12.21 um 22:29 schrieb Paul M. Foster via arch-general:
> Folks:
> Assume I've installed a bunch of packages manually on machine A. Now I 
> want to install those same packages-- not manually-- on machine B. I can 
> have pacman tell me what packages are installed on machine A. Now, can I 
> take the package list from machine A and, in an automated way, have 
> pacman then install those packages on machine B? If so, how?
> Paul

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