[arch-general] Strange and annoying causing issues

brettm brettm at coiloptic.org
Mon Dec 13 19:47:11 UTC 2021

| On 12/13/21 12:27 AM, brettm via arch-general wrote:
| > The part about the timestamps is a normal warning with XFS (there is an option to format with 64 bit timestamps but I seem to recall it being flakey somehow)
| The XFS bigtime features isn't at all flakey.  (I've been using it for 
| months without any issue.)  But it used to print out an "experimental" 
| feature warning.  They removed that warning a few months ago, as the 
| feature had been merged in over a year ago and has had no major issues 
| reported.

After I wrote that email,  I remembered what the problem was. It wasn't flakeyness. A drive formatted on Arch Linux with XFS 64-bit timestamps was unable to be mounted on my spare laptop running Linux Mint. I didn't look any further into the issue, just used 32-bit timestamps. Somehow I doubt I'll still be using this drive in the year 2038... 


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