[arch-general] nsd 4.3.5 broken

Genes Lists lists at sapience.com
Sat Feb 6 14:51:29 UTC 2021

On 2/6/21 9:34 AM, Genes Lists via arch-general wrote:

I tried couple more things.

I changed RunTimeDirecroy=/etc/nad   # it was previosuly set to:  =nsd

Now I can get nsd to start up, but get this problem:

   nsd[10230]: setsockopt(..., IP_TRANSPARENT, ...) failed for tcp: 
Operation not permitted
   nsd[10230]: cannot open pidfile /run/nsd/nsd.pid: No such file or 
   nsd[10230]: cannot overwrite the pidfile /run/nsd/nsd.pid: No such 
file or directory
   nsd[10230]: unable to initgroups nsd: Operation not permitted

So the new permissions seem too strict.

I confirmed this as If i put the 4.3.4 nsd.service into
then 4.3.5 starts up and works fine.

Bruno can you help get this sorted out please?



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