[arch-general] [arch-announce] Moving to Zstandard images by default on mkinitcpio

NicoHood archlinux at nicohood.de
Sat Feb 20 16:17:14 UTC 2021

On 2/20/21 12:11 PM, Andreas Radke via arch-general wrote:
> Am Sat, 20 Feb 2021 07:50:58 -0300
> schrieb Giancarlo Razzolini via arch-general
> <arch-general at lists.archlinux.org>:
>> Em fevereiro 20, 2021 2:52 mike lojkovic via arch-general escreveu:
>>> zstd is even faster at decompressing at boot than lz4 now?
>> I don't think you'll notice much difference with either one.
>> Regards,
>> Giancarlo Razzolini
> Depends on the system cpu power. On slow cpu systems lz4 is much faster
> when compressing the image and also decompressing. Though you hardly
> notice the decompression time difference.
> On slow discs with a fast cpu a better compression may turn this around.
> In many cases zstd compression gives a better compromise nowadays with a
> powerful enough cpu. On my older systems with fast discs but slow cpus
> I keep using lz4.
> -Andy

I was also wondering what gives the best speed. I got a boot partition
with 250mb, wouldn't it make sense to use CAT aka no compression? Or is
that also slower? I mean the kernel should fit into that large space, it
is allocated anyways, right?


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