[arch-general] About package guidelines

Archange archange at archlinux.org
Sun Feb 21 16:13:51 UTC 2021

Le 21/02/2021 à 20:03, Óscar García Amor via arch-general a écrit :
> Hi,
> When a user submit a package to AUR must follow package guidelines.
> There is an interesting point that says that in the top of PKGBUILD
> you must respect the previous contributors [1] and credit them (if
> any).
> I'm surprised that this is not respected by the trusted users when
> they pick an arbitrary package that is maintained in AUR and upload it
> to the community repository without crediting anyone of past
> maintainers. I saw this course of acting in several packages and don't
> like to me. It seems to me a total lack of respect towards the person
> or people who have been keeping the package so far.

Are you sure that the PKGBUILD were actually taken from the AUR? For 
instance, it often happens to me that the PKGBUILD in the AUR is in a 
bad shape (or even sometimes that I miss the PKGBUILD already in the 
AUR, especially python packages where I just copy/paste from a 
template…), so I just restart from scratch. In this case I don’t credit 
anyone indeed.

But of course when the PKGBUILD is complex, well written and mostly 
reused for the [community] version, I keep contributors (e.g. 


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