[arch-general] [arch-announce] Moving to Zstandard images by default on mkinitcpio

Archange archange at archlinux.org
Sun Feb 21 16:17:28 UTC 2021

Le 21/02/2021 à 17:34, mike lojkovic via arch-general a écrit :
> Those milliseconds matter. When you have a thousand processes starting up
> shaving off a couple fractions of a second on each helps you hit the less
> than 10 second boot time.

Well I don’t boot often enough for even say 30s to make a difference 
(and my boot time is actually dominated by 1. UEFI and 2. Passphrase 
input). Outside of being impressive, what does a <10s boot time actually 
achieves? It likely takes you more time to adopt a good posture in front 
of your computer while it is booting up. If we were talking 10s vs 2 min 
I’d understand, but we are barely talking 20s vs 10s…

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