[arch-general] About package guidelines

Óscar García Amor ogarcia at moire.org
Sun Feb 21 17:05:52 UTC 2021

El dom, 21 feb 2021 a las 17:27, Filipe Laíns (<lains at archlinux.org>) escribió:

> What I did look at was the version, which was severely outdated, and the last
> update date, which was 3 years ago, so I honestly didn't even bother.

Don't worry, I already assumed you wrote the PKGBUILD from scratch in
this specific case. And the truth is that in this package it is not
that any kind of dark magic could be done.

What happens is that I have seen this more times with more complex
PKGBUILD and it has surprised me. I understand that many times what
happens is the same, that the PKGBUILD is written from scratch, but
hey, I have done that myself with certain PKGBUILD that I maintain and
I still continue to accredit past maintainers.

Anyway, I wouldn't want to make blood from this.

> I apologize if you felt cheated, but I did not in fact use your PKGBUILD.

You don't even have to apologize, it's 100% true that these PKGBUILD
hadn't looked for two years.


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