[arch-general] intel gpu hang

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Tue Jan 12 03:37:00 UTC 2021

On Mon, 11 Jan 2021 14:11:18 -0800, Nikita via arch-general wrote:
>> After removing the xf86-video-intel package and changing the driver
>> in /etc/X11/xorg.conf from "intel" to "modesetting" I got rid of most
>> issues.  
>lots of distros don't recommend using xf86-video-intel (read more
>about that in

That's the link I followed, posted by Gustavo within this thread.
Btw. I wonder if the OP migrated to Arch Linux and what CPU/GPU the OP
is using.

>Google Chrome is known to have some issues with the modesetting
>driver, but not the problems you described 

I suffer from the same symptoms, they are just more extrem. Fortunately
when running "google-chrome-stable --dissable-gpu", then after a while
that chaos stops and I end up with the lightdm greater.

Btw. Firefox now again and again makes the machine unresponsive for a
few seconds, still better than the minutes it takes, when using the
Intel driver and 5.x kernels, but I prefer no issues at, when using
4.19.x kernels and the "intel" driver ;).

To me it looks like a serious regression, that renders Linux unusable
in the future. If just a few Intel CPUs/GPUs were affected, I simply
would buy a new Intel machine, but seemingly Intel isn't well supported
anymore. I'm not willing to switch back to AMD, since I used many AMD
machines in the past and only experience issues with those machines,
MIDI jitter, bad round-trip latency etc., I had to switch between ATI
and NVIDI again and again.

I'll use 14.19.x kernels as long as possible and hope that Intel will be
supported again in the future. If not, it would be damned bitter. IIUC
BSD is affected, too. I didn't notice it myself yet. However, I'm using
computers to get things done, not to workaround issues again and again
and already migrated for artwork to Apple. I would dislike to
completely migrate to Apple, it's way to expensive and restricted, but
at least it works and "only" suffers from some minor issues now and

4.19 is a longterm kernel, see https://www.kernel.org/ . I need to
build it myself, but that's ok. For my taste selecting the
"modesetting" driver is a very cheap workaround. It's a jump out of
the frying pan into the fire.

I'll still test "modesetting" a little bit, but will migrate back to

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