[arch-general] firefox crashed, no web access after attempted fix

Shadrock Uhuru niyalevi at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 12:45:22 UTC 2021

hi everyone
i'm running 6.8 current,
my problem started when firefox which had been working perfectly
suddenly started crashing on startup,
i don't know if it was because i shutdown the laptop with to many tab
open in firefox,
after many google searches i tried creating a new profile and copying
overi file from a previous profile
the suggested files and directories which gave me a startable firefox,
my bookmark sidebar lists my bookmarks,
and my addons are displayed on the toolbar,
the problem is nothing happens if i
type in an address,
type something in the search bar
or click a bookmark in the sidebar,
the rotating arrow doesn't change to a cross ,
or if i click an addon icon either nothing happens or an empty menu is
the next thing i did was to backup my mozilla/firefox folder then
removed the original,
i sysupgraded,
pkg_add -Uu, had to repeat it a couple of time thinking the repositories
were not in sync
after doing pkg_add -u instead the packages upgraded,
i threw in a pkg_clean to tidy things up,
then i pkg_delete then pkg_add firefox,
i'm still unable to surf the web before or after restoring my backup
mozilla/firefox directory,
could i have missing libraries of software that firefox needs ?
pkg_add firefox installs without a problem,
i have pastebined a copy of the directory structure
and a copy of the log output when i start firefox with the -p option.

fox_directory  http://sprunge.us/79hyB7
fox_log_output http://sprunge.us/umVBxr

i am currently using netsurf as my browser but i would like firefox up
and running again asap
any help would be welcomed

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