[arch-general] Dual monitor issue

Daniel Sonck daniel at sonck.nl
Mon Jan 18 03:25:16 UTC 2021

Hey Pete,

On Saturday, January 16, 2021 12:21:21 AM CET pete via arch-general wrote:
> Evening Archers
> O am trying to find where KDE Plasma  stores the settings for multiple
> monitors but can not find it yet  .
It seems to be stored in $HOME/.local/share/kscreen

It contains multiple files, one for each seen screen configuration (think about 
a specific combination of displays to specific outputs, swapping displays around 
would probably create a new config. As well as exchanging models of displays) I 
imagine clearing this folder (or moving it to another location) would probably 
reset it to whatever Xorg thinks is best during session start.

> I have 2 identical monitors both were working fine  now i have lost the
> panel on the one monitor and can not restore it i have tried all the
> suggestions i can find so last resort i want to look at the configs for the
> monitors  so which file are the configs stored in please .
> Thanks   Pete



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