[arch-general] On arch-dev-public: Chromium losing Sync support on March 15

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>> The current maintainer of chromium no longer wishes to be the maintainer
>> -- without this feature, he does not consider Chromium to be a
>> competitive, useful software. Fair enough -- no one is ever by any means
>> forced to maintain anything they don't want to.
> It would be easier to understand if maintainer explain this themselves. This is second time he stated plans about dropping chromium because upstream removed some api from public use. At first time those plans were aborted after users feedback which showed that removed api isn't crucial for using the app for them and this time it looks similar.
> It's ok to stop packaging something that maintainer doesn't like anymore even without waiting for excuse but stopping it only because lost feature that most users can deal without just fine is weird unless maintainer himself relied on it.
> Yours sincerely
> G. K.

Totally agree with Eli, in that the devs are the ones deciding chromium fate in Arch.

BTW, another dev has already mentioned he would adopt it, if dropped by its current maintainer, and keep it without sync if required.  So, I guess it's a matter of time now, to see what'll happen.


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