[arch-general] udev complaint and USB malfunction

xiretza xiretza+archml at xiretza.xyz
Sat Jul 31 12:21:43 UTC 2021

On 31/07/2021 13.47, SET via arch-general wrote:
> This message appears in /var/log/errors.log (using syslog-ng)  (don't know
> since when):
> systemd-udevd[424]: /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/99-indi_auxiliary.rules:5 Invalid
> value "/bin/sh -c 'test -f /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb &&
> test $(cat /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb) -lt 256 && echo 256 >
> /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb'" for RUN (char 76: invalid
> substitution type), ignoring, but please fix it.
Patch submitted upstream: https://github.com/indilib/indi/pull/1521

I don't think this is related to any other USB troubles you may be experiencing though.


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