[arch-general] Heads-Up: gtk3-1:3.24.27-3 breaks signal-desktop

LuKaRo lists at lrose.de
Sun Mar 14 17:47:20 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

just a quick heads-up to anyone who is using signal-desktop: Apparently
upgrading to gtk3-1:3.24.27-3 breaks its dependency on sqlcipher,
causing signal-desktop to read its database unencrypted instead of
through sqlcipher. This will fail, causing a "NOTADB" error message in a
popup, asking the user to quit or overwrite the database. However, in
some cases, the database seemingly still gets overwritten even if the
user chooses not to. Therefore, be aware of this bug the next time you
start signal-desktop after upgrading gtk3 if you do not want to loose
your message history or store messages in plain text. Refer to the
corresponding GitHub issues #4513
<https://github.com/signalapp/Signal-Desktop/issues/4513> and #5097
<https://github.com/signalapp/Signal-Desktop/issues/5097> as well as
FS#69980 <https://bugs.archlinux.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=69980>
in the Arch Linux bug tracker.

In hope no one else looses their message history,


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