[arch-general] One maintainer, 100+ outdated packages

Christopher W. vneon95 at protonmail.com
Sat May 8 16:43:10 UTC 2021

Over a hundred packages with anthraxx listed as the maintainer have been flagged out of date:


Many open bug reports are assigned to him too:


(In the past, bug reports with the [security] tag were automatically co-assigned to him, even if he wasn't the maintainer. Nevertheless many of these are specifically assigned to him and valid, including currently missing security updates.)

Everyone's a volunteer and people have lives. Got it. Now what can we do to fix this situation? Can there be a group effort to take over some of the packages and get them in shape again? Regular users like me can't commit to the repo, TUs can only work in the [community] repo, and developers are all busy doing their own maintainer work.

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