[arch-general] How to say Arch

Caleb Maclennan caleb at alerque.com
Sat May 15 08:25:52 UTC 2021

On 2021-05-15 11:10, Hritik Vijay via arch-general wrote:
> Now, as Arch faces the same issue (being Ark Linux vs Arch linux)

Really? This is an issue Arch faces? Color me skeptical but it sounds 
like a made up problem. Given you had to spell it differently ("ark") to 
even suggest that there was an issue and the other side of your "vs." 
which is supposed to be correct ("arch") was just spelled the normal 
way, I don't think there is much material to work with here. For 
non-native English speakers for whom the standard pronunciation of 
"arch" is a point of confusion any dictionary, TTS, or pronunciation 
guide will do.

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