[arch-general] System Freeze on sleep

LuKaRo lists at lrose.de
Sun May 30 03:12:39 UTC 2021

On 5/29/21 8:23 PM, Prateek Sadhukhan via arch-general wrote:
> I am running arch on btrfs and I suspect it is a btrfs issue somehow. When I
> check dmesg (journactl --dmesg --boot -1) I see that it always ends with the
> following two lines when the issue is seen.
> May 29 07:12:40 matrix kernel: PM: suspend entry (deep)
> May 29 07:12:40 matrix kernel: Filesystems sync: 0.025 seconds

This doesn't necessarily mean that the error is file system-related. The
latest message is "File systems sync" because, well, that's when the
file system synced, and therefore the log got written to disk. The error
might have occurred at a completely different step afterwards, but isn't
visible on the next reboot, because the file systems weren't synced
again, so it got never written to disk. Keep that in mind when
diagnosing this issue, it might be something completely unrelated to
file systems.



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