[arch-general] System Freeze on sleep

Prateek Sadhukhan psadhukh at gmail.com
Sun May 30 04:53:17 UTC 2021

CPU is intel. 2 GPUs - Intel and AMD. No third party drivers
that I installed explicitly.
Laptop is a Dell Vostro. I get grief from the network driver sometimes
and I have to re-load the ath10k_pci driver/module manually sometimes. 

I checked Google first thing. Could not find anything relevant.


Genes Lists via arch-general <arch-general at lists.archlinux.org> writes:

> On 5/29/21 2:23 PM, Prateek Sadhukhan via arch-general wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> After upgrading to the new kernel I see that my system freezes when
>> I try to resume from sleep. This happens intermittently but frequent enough
>  Hi
>   It can be many things for sure so it might be helpful for you to
>   narrow it a bit; things to consider include:
>   CPU - AMD vs Intel
>   Graphics - intel, amd, nvidia etc.
>   Any 3rd party drivers (nvidia e.g.) - look for 'tainted' in logs.
> google can be quite helpful too, as can reading the git logs from
> kernel or bugs on freedesktop.org if you think it might be graphics
> related.
> If you do have any 3rd party drivers, you can try not using them to
> see if makes a difference.
> Quite a few reports of problems with both suspend or coming out of
> suspend (I'm equating 'sleep' with suspend as distinct from hibernate
> here).
> Please report back what you learn and good luck.
> regards,
> gene

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