[arch-general] How to enable Archlinux users to easily avoid Polkit?

Neven Sajko nsajko at gmail.com
Sun May 30 12:32:33 UTC 2021

On Sun, 30 May 2021 at 02:51, Eli Schwartz via arch-general
<arch-general at lists.archlinux.org> wrote:
> /usr/lib/gtk-3.0/3.0.0/printbackends/libprintbackend-cups.so directly
> links to libcolord and will fail to load if it is unavailable. But
> perhaps you used a different printbackend...

I don't have LPRNG, so CUPS must have been used AFAIK. Also note that
I deleted just the polkit package from my system, NOT the colord

> - libcolord to satisfy programs linking to colord
> - colord to run the daemon which libcolord tries to send messages to

I hope the colord package gets split, then!

> idk how that would work, since /usr/bin/colord has a shared library link
> to libpolkit-gobject-1.so.0

I thought maybe dlopen could be used instead.

> > BTW, does somebody know what happened to the packages for building
> > GTK3 without Colord, building Colord without Polkit, and similar? I
> > think those were available on AUR previosuly.
> I didn't stumble across any relevant deletion requests. What were the
> exact package names?

I just checked the history of the GTK wiki page, and back in September
2017 these relevant packages were on AUR, none of which seem to exist


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