[arch-general] Is it possible to download only one single update from community-testing?

Konstantin Gizdov arch at kge.pw
Fri Sep 3 10:33:02 UTC 2021

On 03/09/2021 13:22, Björn Fries via arch-general wrote:
> Hello,
> On 9/3/21 12:15 PM, Peter Nabbefeld via arch-general wrote:
>> Is it possible to download this single package,
>> without downloading full repository index and probably even updating
>> everything to community-update?
> manually download package from mirror, install with
> pacman -U filename.pkg.tar.zst
Your mileage may vary, but you could add [community-testing] to
/etc/pacman.conf but at the bottom of the file. Or at least below
[community]. Then you can install things with
`pacman -S community-testing/${pkgname}`.

However, this and your general idea are not great advice and will put
your system in an unsupported state. Meaning, what you want to do is
equivalent to a partial upgrade (like pacman -Sy & pacman -S something)
and if you have issues later, Arch Linux support options will probably
just refuse to help you. Hence, why it's called an unsupported state.


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