[arch-general] Possible to rebuild a standard package?

Sefa Eyeoglu contact at scrumplex.net
Sat Sep 4 12:37:04 UTC 2021

I am replying from my phone, so I hope this works.

You can just download the build files for the package using

$ asp checkout <package>

After that you can run

$ makepkg -s

in the newly created directory which will download all depenencies, build and package the application or library.

If you want to build the project to work on it, then you should look into the project's documentation, as they might have a workflow for that.

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I'd like to re-build (not just re-install) pyside2 and python-shiboken2
locally. As PKGBUILD (at least for shiboken2) contains cmake
instructions, I'd guess this should be easy, but I cannot figure out, how.

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