[arch-general] Is the following a minor bug of systemd, mkinitcpio or zstd?

u34 at net9.ga u34 at net9.ga
Thu Jan 6 14:14:37 UTC 2022

When running mkinitcpio lately, I get:

      -> Running build hook: [fsck]
    Decompress:  1/35 files. Current: ...el/cdrom.ko.zst : 0 B...    ==> Generating module dependencies

I think the Decomress message is new. It didn't appear before 30-dec-2021, 
or so. It is aligned with the start of the line, which is not the way 
most of the mkinitcpio output is indented. It is probably the output of 
line 876 of /usr/lib/initcpio/functions:

    (( ${#zst_comp[*]} )) && zstd -d --rm -q "${zst_comp[@]}"

Note the -q, --quiet, could be the source of confusion, since it does not 
override the Decompress line. Perhaps this is a zstd issue, or that the 
line should have had a -q specified twice.
Is it a bug? Who should address it?


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