[arch-general] Linux server crash causing router switch to stop working

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Fri Jan 21 19:29:32 UTC 2022

On 1/21/22 12:54, David Rosenstrauch via arch-general wrote:
> Been experiencing a weird issue several times recently that's got me 
> stumped.

Hi David

	Sounds a bit tricky to sort out - not sure can help but maybe you can 
help us understand your set up a bit more.

	When you say server crashes - I assume kernel crashed and is not 
functioning (as opposed to kernel is up and running but network is not 
doing what I want)? Does server respond to any keyboard or mouse 
movement on console?

  	What do kernel logs show leading up to the crash? If the kernel 
oopsed it is often logged. Prior log messages may be helpful in tracking 
down that problem. Is server running desktop or no graphics?

	Your network topology - Is the Netgear routing to internet or is it 
your new server or a separate firewall?  Is your internet ipv4 or ipv6 
or both? Same question - is internet firewall routing (ipv6) or NAT'ing 

	Is there a periodicity to the problem? Like say dhcp lease expiration 
length or something?

	Can we assume that Netgear has been working fine with same configs 
before new server deployed? Assuming the netgear is your firewall / 
router to internet - When things are "broken" can internal clients see 
each other (say ping from one client to another) or is all internal 
traffic hung up as well as internet traffic?

	And in that vein, sorry for obvious, but I'll ask anyway - can I assume 
only 1 server (or kea with hot-standby) is providing dhcp service?

  	Also I notice that latest stable dd-wrt on website is r44715 and your 
build seems to be beta from last July - I note there are newer builds of 
the beta - I have no view on the firmware just making an observation.



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