[arch-general] [Solved] Re: Env variable of user unit of ssh-agent not set

Rainer Dorsch ml at bokomoko.de
Sat Jan 22 18:37:53 UTC 2022

Am Samstag, 22. Januar 2022, 07:26:01 CET schrieb Merlin Büge:
> Hi,
> you probably missed this part (quoted from your link):
> > Then export the environment variable
> > SSH_AUTH_SOCK="$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/ssh-agent.socket" in your login shell
> > initialization file, such as ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zprofile.

Many thanks for the quick responses.

Indeed that resolves the problem. I expected that 


takes care for that. But it seems that this only applies to the process which 
is stated by the unit (?).

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