[arch-mirrors] Outdated mirrors

Mihael Pranjić mpranj at limun.org
Sat Jun 19 16:41:12 EDT 2010

Am 2010-06-19 14:11, schrieb Roman Kyrylych:
> On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 20:31, Mihael Pranjić <mpranj at limun.org> wrote:
>> Is it just me or are most of the arch mirrors outdated/slow-syncing? I
>> sync every hour and its always the same. When there is a KDE update or
>> so all the mirrors get outdated. This was a problem with the old
>> mirroring scheme, and to me it seems to be the same now. Is this a
>> problem with few Tier-1 mirrors or is archlinux.org still overstrained
>> when there are huge updates?
> Not all mirrors switched to multi-tier scheme yet,
> however these are limited in bandwidth compared to tier1 mirrors,
> so syncing from tier 1 mirror should not be slow.
> According to mirror status page [1] the delay for manyof mirrors is
> not that bad,
> however I did not check these numbers during major repo updates.
>> I am ready to set up rsync and allow 10-20 mirrors (start with 10 and
>> see how it works with the bandwidth) in Europe, preferred Germany - if
>> this can help us get our mirrors synced fast even with such updates.
> We already have 2 tier1 mirrors in Germany and 1 in UK,
> so I don't know if there is a need for another one,
> so feedback from potential tier2 mirrors would be welcome.
>> I think a bleeding-edge linux distribution should definitely not have
>> issues with slow syncs. When there is a security update or an update
>> like KDE it should be out there as fast as possible, no matter which
>> mirror you use.
> Do you suggest to increase sync time to less than 1 hour?
> Perhaps we could try that.

Yip, I think syncing more often could improve the situation, since it
does not really make much more traffic. It's rather a problem if you
sync only once a day so the main mirror has to deal with more traffic in
less time. Syncing every 15 minutes (on a random minute) could even
improve performance since we would sync 100mb now, 100 later, instead of
having a dozen servers syncing 200mb at the same time. I could also be

However, another result of this (if applied to all mirrors) is that some
probably don't sync from the tier-2 mirrors. Say server D syncs from C,
C syncs from B, B syncs from A and they do it only once in an hour,
could result in a huge time gap between commit on server A
(archlinux.org) and sync on server D. In fact, I think this is also
important because of our mirroring scheme, concerning that we don't sync
from archlinux.org any more - so syncing could take 30 minutes until a
new file gets from archlinux.org to an actual mirror from where users

As I am tired I may have written weird stuff, ignore it please.

> To every mirror admin subscribed to this list:
> please voice your opinion on the issues raised in this mail.
> Since you are the guys that provide the service
> - it is important for us to provide you with possibilities to make it better.
> [1] https://www.archlinux.de/?page=MirrorStatus;orderby=delay;sort=asc

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