[arch-mirrors] infinite symlink recursion in repository

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Thu Nov 18 13:29:44 CET 2010

Pierre Schmitz (pierre at archlinux.de) wrote on 18 November 2010 13:12:
 >On Thu, 18 Nov 2010 10:00:01 -0200, Carlos Carvalho
 ><carlos at fisica.ufpr.br> wrote:
 >> It's not a problem, it's because we exclude the very old releases. I
 >> know about these messages but since the repository is correct I hadn't
 >> bothered about them. To avoid confusion with other mirrors I've just
 >> excluded the symlinks as well.
 >I see. I now solved that on our side and moved all isos older than 2009
 >to our archives which are not synced by default. So there is no need to
 >exclude some files on your side anymore.

Good! I was just going to exclude the 2009 ones as well :-)

 >Just let us know of such problems. Those old isos are of no use for
 >most people anyway.

Sure. I didn't say anything because I thought it was your policy to
keep them.

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