[arch-mirrors] New Mirror for New Zealand

Callum Barr cbarr at wxc.co.nz
Wed May 2 18:35:32 EDT 2012


I have submitted the following on the tracker;


Domain Name: mirror.xnet.co.nz
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Access Methods: FTP, HTTP
URLs: http://mirror.xnet.co.nz, ftp://mirror.xnet.co.nz

Tier 1 Mirror syncing from: aarnet.edu.au (Australia) - rsync://mirror.aarnet.edu.au/archlinux/

Contact Details;
Callum Barr
cbarr at wxc.co.nz<mailto:cbarr at wxc.co.nz>


Callum Barr
Network Engineer
WorldxChange Communications Ltd.

@: cbarr at wxc.co.nz
m: +64 27 5672746
d: +64 9 9501322

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