[arch-mirrors] FTP strange problem

Andrew Holland Andrew.holland at academica.fi
Tue May 15 06:57:07 EDT 2012

Ok - well, to debug further, I would suggest doing some tests on the server side (to find out if it's seeing packets to those ports)

I'd test some ports via netcat - i.e. on the server:  nc -l -p 49152  /  on client machine:  nc [ip of ftp server] 49152
If it can connect, and you can write/read on both sides, try other ports in that range (49152 to 65534.)

If they are BLOCKED, you've got a firewall in the way (probably external to your xen domU.)

I'd also look at the server logs and see if there's something there, just in case.

It probably won't help much, but - my mirror is hosted on CentOS as well (not my decision) and we are using vsftpd.  

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Selinux is disabled. No NAT no firwall nothing just a pure proftpd
config nothing else.

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