[arch-mirrors] New Tier 1 Mirror

Andrew Holland Andrew.holland at academica.fi
Mon May 21 03:08:46 EDT 2012

I'm going to stick with David's mirror (the UK2 mirror service) for now, as it appears that it is working for rsync again (i.e. no timeouts, etc.)

I do have a question about the ftp testing, as it appears several of our mirrors (ovh, myself, a few others) have 'timeouts' from the test machine.  (I'm checking the english status list this time, not the german list. They have very different output.)  Is the ftp test run from the same machine as the http and rsync test?  It seems odd that the ftp server, which is reporting no issues and responding very quickly to my tests, would choose to not respond specifically during testing.

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Subject: [arch-mirrors] New Tier 1 Mirror

Leaseweb.net[1] has become a tier 1 mirror as of yesterday. They have
servers in US, Germany and the Netherlands.
If you elect to start syncing from LeaseWeb, please let me know in a
response to this message.

I take this opportunity to encourage all tier 2 mirrors let me know
what their current upstream is, so we can have our database updated.


Best regards,
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