[arch-mirrors] Tier1 speed

André Vitor de Lima Matos andrematos at las.ic.unicamp.br
Mon Apr 8 16:36:53 EDT 2013

I'm user of Arch since 2007, and the new admin of Unicamp's tier1
mirror, but I'm having issues with poor synchronization speed, causing
hours of outdating in medium and big updates.
Our link is 1Gbps, and getting only 50-60kb/s syncing with following
/usr/bin/rsync -rtlvH --delete-after --delay-updates --safe-links
--max-delete=1000 --timeout=30 rsync://rsync.archlinux.org/ftp_tier1/
I can assure it isn't our link load, since others repositories are
syncing with 1-6Mb/s (depending on server). Any hint? Thanks, and I hope
to help community as much as possible.

/-=| Δ ŋ đ г Σ |=-\ «» ♫♫♫

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