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Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 17:32:27 EDT 2013

On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 4:23 PM, Alex Smith <alex at darkorb.me> wrote:

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> On 08/04/13 21:36, André Vitor de Lima Matos wrote:
> > Hi, I'm user of Arch since 2007, and the new admin of Unicamp's
> > tier1 mirror, but I'm having issues with poor synchronization
> > speed, causing hours of outdating in medium and big updates. Our
> > link is 1Gbps, and getting only 50-60kb/s syncing with following
> > command:
> That server is rate limited to 50Kbps:
> https://www.archlinux.org/news/throttling-ftparchlinuxorg-rsyncarchlinuxorg/
> I don't know if they have an ACL policy that allows by-passing that
> (says it's limited to official mirrors) - something one of the Arch
> folk's would need to answer.
> That in mind, might have more luck running a sync from another local
> mirror.
> This is not the same problem. ftp.archlinux.org != rsync.archlinux.org,
and hasn't been for at least 5+ years.

Also, Unicamp.br is a *tier 1 mirror*. By definition, that means they wish
to (and need to!) sync from our primary server, not another one. This is in
the subject of this email.

$ host ftp.archlinux.org
ftp.archlinux.org has address
ftp.archlinux.org has address

$ host rsync.archlinux.org
rsync.archlinux.org is an alias for nymeria.archlinux.org.
nymeria.archlinux.org has address
nymeria.archlinux.org has IPv6 address 2a00:1828:2000:547::2

We did move rsync.archlinux.org to being hosted on a different server a few
months back, so this is the more likely reason why things got slower. We
have noted that traffic is handled at acceptable rates with HTTP, but raw
TCP sockets using socat and rsync have notably reduced performance from
certain locations.

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