[arch-mirrors] hive.ist.unomaha.edu: political nonsense and incompetence

Zack Buhman zbuhman at pki.nebraska.edu
Fri Feb 15 21:28:57 EST 2013

We have been forced/ordered by UNO IS to disallow connections from
outside to hive.ist.unomaha.edu.

Allegedly the Lincoln campus is having "bandwidth issues", and the
North campus network engineers are quickly pointing their fingers at
everyone except for themselves (which is absurd; network utilization
on hive is relatively light to begin with--but nobody wants to listen
to us). They're also somewhat upset that on
https://www.archlinux.org/mirrors/ the mirror is falsely attributed to
North campus "unomaha.edu", rather than us, "ist.unomaha.edu".

I know how terrible it is for mirrors to do this, but I'd much like to
not risk my job over this; my sincerest apologies--it's even worse for
me, because HP was about to give us a $15,000 server donation (they
donate to "open source" causes or something I guess) to replace hive,
but of course IS can't let nice things like this happen.

Hopefully we'll be able to clear our name soon--in the meantime, I
thought I would proactively explain why your probe is unable to talk
to hive.

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