[arch-mirrors] auth failed on module kitchensink_auth

Konstantin Ryabitsev ftpadmin at kernel.org
Wed Jan 23 16:41:34 EST 2013

On 23/01/13 04:38 PM, Florian Pritz wrote:
>> Hello:
>> I'm seeing "auth failed on module kitchensink_auth" since January 20th
>> trying to rsync from either zeus1.kernel.org or zeus2.kernel.org. The
>> URL we use to rsync is:
>> rsync://kernelorg@rsync.archlinux.org/kitchensink_auth
> We moved to a new host and the password file had wrong permissions.
> Sorry for the trouble, should be fixed now.

Yep, looking good now.

Konstantin Ryabitsev
Systems Administrator
Linux Foundation, kernel.org
Montréal, Québec

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