[arch-mirrors] New Mirror Request open for 1 Month now

Michael Meier (FTP Admin) rrze-ftp-admins at fau.de
Tue May 20 09:27:28 EDT 2014

On 05/20/2014 02:43 PM, Felix Favre wrote:
> one Month ago I setup my Arch-Mirror and opened a Feature-Request [0]
> I would love to contribute to the Arch-Linux Community, but if nobody
> adds my Mirror to the Official Mirrorlist I can't do so :(

Just one month? that's cute :) Our request is open since January and 
hasn't received any attention.
Neither did the bugreport about broken symlinks on the tier1 that always 
cause rsync to exit with errorcode 2 [1], making it impossible to tell 
whether there was a real problem or it was just the usual problem. It 
doesn't seem as if anyone maintains the mirrorlist or -network anymore.

[1] https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/38727
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