[arch-mirrors] GAW Mirror Service Interruption and Restoration of Service

Jim Hartnett mirrors at gawsolutions.us
Mon Aug 24 03:33:37 UTC 2015

While service has been restored at this time, it was noticed that the
message was rejected by the list server when sending from another account
of ours (which we believe to have registered with the mirror list, but
regardless this account works). The issue was caused by the upstream BGP
system not properly routing our network with the upstream peers.

This affected the following arch mirrors:


This was caused by an upstream ISP which provides the bonded GbE
connections. The network is starting to come back online, but it is still
not stable. It should be repaired by noon GMT at the latest (by current
estimates). I will follow up with more details as they become available.


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From: James Hartnett <jhartnett at gawsolutions.us>
Date: Sun, Aug 23, 2015 at 8:29 PM
Subject: Service Interruptions: Upstream Peering Issues in Dallas Facility
To: James Hartnett <jhartnett at gawsolutions.us>

To all hosted out of our Dallas facility on the shared 2 GbE bonded

There is an issue with the upstream network out of our control. The Network
Operations Center is currently working on it, and current estimates
indicate it will be resolved tonight. The servers are still active, and no
data or memory states have been affected. If you need immediate access to
your systems for any reason, please contact myself or your representative
for access to a KVM. These KVMs are being installed on a side channel, so
they should be accessible regardless of the rest of the network via
microwave and cellular backups.

I will follow up with any additional details as they become available.

Affected IP blocks are as follows:


Jim Hartnett

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