[arch-mirrors] [Announcement] Restructuring the arch-mirrors list

Carsten Otto otto at informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Feb 3 16:47:47 UTC 2016

Hi Florian,

thank you for working on this issue.

I like your proposal of splitting up the list. Having one list - no
matter the name - where only AL admins post seems to be a good idea for
certain announcements. Most projects have this, and I'm perfectly fine
with that.

Having another list for mirror admins to reach the AL admins - maybe
with some interested parties also reading those messages - also is
necessary in most cases.

However, I don't really like mixing up the discussion and the
mirror-admin-to-AL-admin cases. In the first case some kind of
subscription is quite OK, but in the second case I as a mirror admin
don't see the advantage of subscribing and changing settings.
Furthermore, there seem to be issues if such mails are sent out to more
projects as AL (awaiting moderation because list is only mentioned in
BCC?). I'd strongly prefer a pure mail address where anyone (including
spammers) send send to, and AL admins read those mails.

Any announcements resulting out of that could be forwarded to the list
where all mirrors subscribe, or to a dedicated list where users
subscribe. Or, and this is what I prefer, the AL admins re-configure
their systems/load balancers/... so that specific outages are mitigated.

This is exactly how most other projects do it, Debian being the one I
like the most. As a mirror admin I just wite a mail, and get a reply
and/or a temporary DNS change.

Could you explain where you see the advantage of having mirror admins
use a mailing list interface, with subscriptions, configuration changes,
and possible moderation/filtering/acknowledgement issues (compared to a
plain mail address that is forwarded to AL admins)?

Dr. Carsten Otto
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