[arch-mirrors] New IP addresses for mirrors.lug.mtu.edu

Matthew Miller mtmille1 at mtu.edu
Sun Jun 11 15:05:11 UTC 2017


mirrors.lug.mtu.edu has moved to a new building due to failing equipment in
the old datacenter. Due to the move, our IP addresses have changed.
HTTP/S and rsync should now be available at:

IPv6: 2001:48a8:63:1c3::dead:beef

DNS is still propagating, but should be working everywhere soon.

(Now that I look at it, the ACLs for our upstream may need to be updated
too before we may begin syncing again).

Thanks for the understanding,
Matthew Miller KD8OOS
Third Year Undergraduate, Computer Engineering
Michigan Technological University
Husky Amateur Radio Club, President 2015-17
Server Admin Team, Linux / Unix User's Group at Michigan Tech
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