[arch-mirrors] Pacman Mirrorlist Generator Broken

Ross Boulet rossb at rossb.com
Sun Apr 22 04:50:57 UTC 2018

I posted this in the forums but I thought I'd try here too.

The Pacman Mirrorlist Generator at https://www.archlinux.org/mirrorlist/ does not seem to be working correctly.

I have a script that uses a wget to fetch just the USA mirrors, but today, it got them all. At first, I thought perhaps something had changed, so I went to the site to generate a list from there so I could compare the URL it generated with the one I was using. I found the URL was the same and so were the results. I tried a couple of different countries with the same results. It seems to always return the full list, not just the country specified.

I looked at a system I updated a few days ago (2018-04-18) and it had worked correctly then, but today (2018-04-21) it does not.

Ross Boulet
rossb at rossb.com

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