[arch-mirrors] Improvements and changes to archmirror.stayathomeserver.club

Ave almirror at ave.zone
Tue Aug 21 11:30:56 UTC 2018


I am the sysadmin of the tier 2 mirror
"archmirror.stayathomeserver.club" (FS#59344).

We've made some changes our mirror:

- Our old domain was long and caused some confusion about where we host
it, so we changed our domain. We're now at "archmirror.lavatech.top"
(the old domain will continue to resolve at least a couple more months)

- We're NOT using Cloudflare on our new domain and therefore our HTTPS
cert's CA is different on the new domain (was Comodo on old domain, is
Let's Encrypt on new domain). This should help with achieving better
latency and higher speeds. We had caching off anyways.

- We were incorrectly marked as hosting ISOs in the past even though we
didn't do that, I just corrected that on our side and enabled ISO sync.

We'll continue serving through the same machine, at 1 Gigabit up/down,
in Netherlands, with HTTP and HTTPS.

It'd be great if database could be updated with our new domain.

-Ave Ozkal

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