[arch-mirrors] Huge traffic from China

Johannes Findeisen mailman at hanez.org
Thu Jul 2 02:49:07 UTC 2020


I am driving the mirror arch.unixpeople.org. Since some months I
encounter a lot of traffic from China which seems to be like a DDoS. I
fixed this some month ago by blocking all IP address ranges from China.
This stopped the traffic. Yesterday I tried to remove all my firewall
rules and to see what happens... Just some hours ago the DDoS startet
again so I really had to block China from my mirror again because it
would become a fulltime job to monitor my host.

While all this happened I tried to figure out what's going on and saw
endless downloads of the arch .iso file from many many IP addresses in
China. When the download from one IP had finished the download directly
started again from exactly the same IP in an endless loop.

Does anyone other here encounter such things?



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