[arch-mirrors] Huge traffic from China

services services+mirrors at eric.ovh
Thu Jul 2 05:52:26 UTC 2020


Same case here.

Impact is low here (via one ip only), because a file which don't exist 
(old iso) :
arch//iso/2020.03.01/archlinux-2020.03.01-x86_64.iso" failed (2: No such 
file or directory)

Can you share ip on the list for compare and block all ip before ddos ?


On 7/2/2020 5:02 AM, mirror-admin wrote:
> Hello,
> Yes, we notice same download pattern from china IP. Not only for 
> Archlinux, but for other archive as well.
> What we do is try to be nice, we throttling down our upload speed to 
> their IP.
> Thx
> On 7/2/2020 09:49, Johannes Findeisen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am driving the mirror arch.unixpeople.org. Since some months I
>> encounter a lot of traffic from China which seems to be like a DDoS. I
>> fixed this some month ago by blocking all IP address ranges from China.
>> This stopped the traffic. Yesterday I tried to remove all my firewall
>> rules and to see what happens... Just some hours ago the DDoS startet
>> again so I really had to block China from my mirror again because it
>> would become a fulltime job to monitor my host.
>> While all this happened I tried to figure out what's going on and saw
>> endless downloads of the arch .iso file from many many IP addresses in
>> China. When the download from one IP had finished the download directly
>> started again from exactly the same IP in an endless loop.
>> Does anyone other here encounter such things?
>> Regards
>> Johannes

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