[arch-multilib] locale in 32 bit applications

Bernhard Walle bernhard at bwalle.de
Fri Aug 27 02:58:15 EDT 2010


I hope it's ok to write directly to that list as normal user. I wanted
to test the new multilib support in Arch which is great work BTW.

In addition to Skype or Flash I use a 32 bit application called
Moneyplex which is a commercial home banking application for Linux. That
application has been written with Kylix and is very ancient from a
technical point of view, still using Qt3 and so on. It also doesn't work
with utf-8 so one has to

  export LANG=de_DE

when using it and making sure that de_DE is available with locale-gen.
With the old bin32 packages from Community, I had also to set GCONV_PATH
to something below /opt. That is not necessary any more, which is good.

However, it doesn't find its locale definitions. Using strace I found
out that the 32 bit part looks for the locale database in
/usr/lib32/locale, using a symbolic link „/usr/lib32/locale“ ->
did work!

Would it be possible to address that issue, maybe just by shipping that


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