[arch-multilib] "bin32-skype" in [multilib] (as "skype")

Malte Rabenseifner mail at malte-rabenseifner.de
Sat Aug 28 03:28:14 EDT 2010

CCing my announcement in the comments of bin32-skype
(http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=7914), please keep the package
for at least 7 days to get people a chance to switch to [multilib].

"Since the announcement of the new [multilib] repository yesterday
(http://www.archlinux.org/news/508/), I strongly encourage ALL users of
bin32-skype to switch to the Skype package of that repository and report
bugs and problems to the Arch bug tracker at http://bugs.archlinux.org (be
sure that you have switched to "Community Packages"). I already have done
testing of the package in [multilib] since it has been uploaded and I am
bug free. Please help to find more bugs on different systems so that the
change will go smoothly when this package will be removed from the AUR."

Malte Rabenseifner, Germany
mail at malte-rabenseifner.de
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