[arch-multilib] Browser plugin location

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Aug 31 11:44:55 EDT 2010

Am 29.08.2010 12:44, schrieb Robert Meijers:
> Hi,
> Yesterday I installed the flashplugin from this repo. but this caused
> the flash plugin in Opera (64 bit) to stop working because Opera
> doesn't use nspluginwrapper (and blacklists it because it causes
> problems) because it can run 32 bits plugins natively.

The question is if you want to use our flashplugin package then. It
depends on nspluginwrapper and thus pulls in many dependencies.

The reason I didn't put this into the plugin path is because firefox
throws a warning each time you start it, which might unnecessarily
concern users. I am wondering if it wouldn't be better if you (Opera
user) just added a symlink in the plugin folder or added the folder with
the flash plugin to the plugin search path.

I like it the way it is now, but if you feel strong about changing it,
that wouldn't kill anyone either.

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