[arch-multilib] Question about user contributed multilib packages

JD Steffen jd at steffennet.org
Fri Sep 3 06:42:05 EDT 2010


I am somewhat new to Linux and have been using Arch for about 4 months 
now. I was excited to see that Arch adopted a multilib approach to 
32/64-bit software packages. I decided this weekend to try and get 
Neverwinter Nights running on Arch64 and successfully did it. I had to 
create some lib32 packages in the process that were not available in the 
multilib repository. My question is, is there a process to submit 
multilib packages or do i just upload them to the AUR and wait for them 
to make their way to community then on to multilib? That being said the 
packages that I have created are: lib32-elfutils, lib32-libmikmod 
lib32-sdl_mixer and lib32-smpeg.

Thanks for the help,


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