[arch-multilib] Newbie Mailinglist Question

Harvey harv at gmx.de
Sun Sep 5 07:35:23 EDT 2010


> That's not the one. "Reply to list" will reply to everyone: The reply-to
> address (which is the list address), the sender, all recipients an CCs.
> The usual "Reply" button will do just fine, too.

The thunderbird button 'Reply to list' has three options:
- 'Reply to list' (default)
- 'Reply to all'
- 'Reply'

Hitting the 'Reply' button ends up in sending a private mail to the 
poster before. This was why my answers were not appearing on the list 
before. I guess they just vaporized in some spam filter ;-)

I had a look at the mail headers to verify this.

BTW, I post this answer by hitting 'Reply to list' and all seems well?


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