[arch-multilib] Addition of jack2-multilib and multilib push perms

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Dec 6 16:46:32 EST 2011

Am 06.12.2011 19:56, schrieb Ray Rashif:
> I want to add a 'jack2-multilib' to the repo, as an equivalent to
> 'lib32-jack'. This would allow users to continue using or to install
> 'jack2' while using a package requiring a 32-bit library of 'jack'. As
> it is currently, some multilib users are forced to use 'jack' even if
> they want to use 'jack2'.
> As there is no simple way to simply build in parts, 'jack2-multilib'
> replaces 'jack2' in a multilib installation. Even if there were, this
> would be the better approach since the software already contains a
> specific flag to build a "mixed" or hybrid jack.
> In light of this, I would also like the appropriate permissions to be
> able to push packages to [multilib].

Can you upload PKGBUILDs and packages first?

> Caveat: I'm not a multilb user.

Why are you doing it then? Are there any requests for this? Forum posts?

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