[arch-multilib] gconf compile error

Harvey harv at gmx.de
Wed Dec 7 02:59:51 EST 2011


> [...]
>>> sadly, i don't see any way to disable gnome-vfs from ./configure.
>> This was my first guess too. But "./configure --help" did not help :(
> [....]
>> Harvey
> How about a workaround ? Try the patch attached to this email. Of
> course you have to add in the source=() and md5sums=(), but add this
> line to the PKGBUILD right before ./configure (...) :
>    patch -p1 -i ${srcdir}/disable-gnome-vfs.patch

You are my hero! This is working too and cuts the dependency tree 

Concerning gconf I guess I have to live with it. Just updated my 
package. This is why I love arch - you guys are just wonderful!

Thank you so much

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