[arch-multilib] Addition of jack2-multilib and multilib push perms

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Dec 7 19:52:33 EST 2011

Am 08.12.2011 01:44, schrieb speps:
> 1. jack2:          leave as it is now
>    jack2-multilib: build with --mixed, provides and conflicts with
>                    jack2 and lib32-jack2
> 2. jack2:          build with --mixed for x86_64 ([ "$CARCH" = 'x86_64' ])
>                    removing the generated 32 bit lib from the final package
>    lib32-jack2:    build with --mixed, removing all but the 32 bit lib

This wouldn't work, as a pure 64 bit package must be able to build with
core/gcc - that compiler cannot build 32 bit binaries.

> 3. jack2:          build with a patch that just adds the -DJACK_32_64
>                    macro in the build process without building the 32 bit lib
>    lib32-jack2:    build with a patch the builds just the 32 bit lib

Patching build systems is a PITA.

> I hope I made myself clear,

Yes, this clarifies the problem a lot. Can we add this as a huge comment
in the PKGBUILD, please?

Btw, I enabled Ray's multilib access. As nobody objected so far, I am
giving him a green light to implement whatever solution he sees suitable.

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