[arch-multilib] Multilib access?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Feb 11 10:39:58 EST 2011

Am 11.02.2011 16:26, schrieb Peter Lewis:
> On Friday 11 February 2011 15:16:25 Thomas Bächler wrote:
>> Our multilib policy is to only add stuff that we actually need. So, what
>> do we need lib32-libmikmod for?
> Oh right, I didn't know that, sorry. I had assumed it was just like with 
> [community], popular packages etc. and it has 102 votes. 

No, I'd like to keep multilib as small as possible.

> It's required by some 
> SDL stuff, but that's also in AUR.
> So, it's no problem, I just wanted to keep the masses happy, but I'm equally 
> as happy to keep it in the AUR given the policy.

Don't be too quick here - "SDL stuff" may (or may not) be useful for
closed-source 32-bit-only games. This means we might still do it, can
you give me more details what we need it for? We do have lib32-sdl in
multilib, and most games seem okay with that.

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